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Zombie design for Zombieland, in a scene from ...

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Vampires old news, zombies that’s what everyone’s talking about. TV coverage of zombies over the years has been pretty sparse, the only recent show I can remember is Dead Set, set mainly in the Big Brother house, the whole world goes to shit except the Big Brother contestants, even Davina McCall is a zombie. It is both humourous and really scary at the same time. Over the years there have been plenty of Living Dead movies, but Zombieland has been the most recent and funniest, the scenes where they end up meeting Bill Murray at his house are wickedly funny. Now TV finally has a serious Zombie series. The Walking Dead calls the Zombies , Walkers, but really we all know they are Zombies. In a strange bit of casting Egg from This Life, yeah the guy out of Teachers, is a southern American Cop looking for his family. I have seen the first 2 eps and it looks exceedingly good. Will be interesting to see how it goes in the States.


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