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Latest Rumour Mill


The rumour mill is nn full swing, efestivals forum is chucked with different bands, I want to discuss 2 this week.
Pulp, are the first, I was there when they played their acclaimed stand in headline show in 95 and I saw Jarvis headline the John Peel Tent in 09. They are reforming for Wireless so there is every chance that they could play.
From previous rumours it is hard to see them headline the Pyramid, so the question is where would they play, they could be the band before the headliner or they could headline The Other Stage, maybe at the same time as U2 which could then split the audience.
For what it’s worth I thought Pulp were crap and I was gutted the Stone Roses pulled out.
The second band I want to discuss is beady eye. Now a lot has been said about Liams new band but the main thing is it is Oasis without their crap guitarist. Even if there new songs are garbage, which going on their first release might be the case, they have the Oasis back catalogue to fall back on. That makes positioning them the hardest part for the organisers. Even if they only play Beady Eye songs their could be a huge amount of interest making a tent impractical and making them a main stage band maybe a huge risk as it could be complete shit.
My guess is Pulp to headline Other Stage opposite U2. Beady Eye not to play this year.


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