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Deerhunter singer Bradford Cox - Live in Conce...

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Mixing woozy ambience, hypnotic Krautrock, art-damaged squall and classic, 60s-inspired pop into one wholly arresting package, Athens, Georgia four-piece DEERHUNTER have quickly cemented themselves as one of the most compelling and combustible bands of their era. Led by the magnetic presence of frontman Bradford Cox, Deerhunter’s live show has become the stuff of legend – an utterly immersive, noisy, gauzy, ecstatic, propulsive thing that the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Karen O describes as ‘a religious experience’.

Deerhunters fourth album starts slowly but builds towards a climatic finish, a tour de force that needs repeated listening but is compelling and well worth the investment in time and money.

Recorded on 4AD, the legendary British record label, who had amongst other acts, The Birthday Party and The Associates.

A  deserved album of the week, if Deerhunter visit a town near you take the time buy the album, get tickets and go see them.

By the way photo is of Crystal fighters the next reviewed band from Glasto 2010


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