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There are loads of Vampire movies, Tv shows at the moment. The modern genre probably started with the great Joss Wheddon and The Buffy Tv shows. since then The Twilight films have ramped into mainstream conciseness and now Vampires are all over our screens.
True Blood has been a huge success and is awesome, produced by Alan Ball of Six Feet Under fame, it takes a terribly written series of novels and makes a hugely adult blast of fun sex and violence. True Blood is top-notch telly. Let me right in a Swedish movie, is thought-provoking real and intense, if you don’t mind subtitles well worth watching. Otherwise wait for the US version out soon called Let Me In, starring the girl from Kick Ass and the Boy from The Road.
The Vampire Diaries is another twist on the Twilight , vampires as teenagers theme with a few twists of its own , although highly entertaining it can be a bit clichéd.
So Vampires are in, what is next you ask, it looks like it’s Zombies.
My review on the Zombie comeback next week

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