All about Glastonbury Festival





This week’s releases must be the most underwhelming in the history of new album releases ever.

Glastonbury related releases include Jay Z’s Hit’s Collection, maybe worth a listen if you haven’t got any of the mans work. Ray Davies of the Kinks releases a solo album the week he says the Kinks will never reform and Stings daughter I Blame Coco releases The Constant.

I have gone back a couple of weeks and purchased Deerhunter’s Halcyon Digest releases on 27th of Sept on that great record label 4AD. I will be reviewing on Sunday.

Cee Lo Green – ‘The Lady Killer’

I Blame Coco – ‘The Constant’

Jay-Z – ‘The Hits Collection Vol. 1’

Kid Cudi – ‘Man On The Moon 2: The Legend Of Mr Rager’

Nadine Coyle – ‘Insatiable’

Ray Davies – ‘See My Friends’

Roll Deep – ‘Winner Stays On’

Weezer – ‘Death To False Metal’


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