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Debut Albums

The Velvet Underground & Nico

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Most of the best albums in History are Debut Albums, although there are a few obvious bands who have gone on to make better records than their first, then there are some who have just made one..

This week in the NME, they look at 50 of the best. Always a controversial topic, judging albums.

Anyway some of the greatest below ( well my faves anyway )

Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures, still one of my favourite bands of all time, this was an incredible record, life changing, especially when you were 14.

Velvet Underground – Not sure it had a title, but the banana album as  i know it was a landmark album, nothing like it was out at the time.

Oasis Definitely Maybe – Reinforced my love for rock and Roll when shoe gazing had taken over the world.

Arctic monkeys – Whatever I say I am – Just what we were waiting for some British rock with attitude.

Stone Roses -Stone Roses – everyone was popping pills, but if you wanted to rock this was finally the album that meet both worlds.

That’s just 5, there are heaps, check out the magazine for others or your own record collection


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