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Antidotes (album)

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The Foals first album Antidotes was released way back on the 28th of March 2008. It garnered rave reviews at the time, but slipped under my radar. However after purchasing Total Life forever and having tickets to see them at the  Laneway Festival coming up in Sydney next year, I thought I better get it.
Although it is a good debut effort, I don’t think it’s a patch on their Mercury nominated follow up. Well that’s what I wrote a few day ago, but further listening’s to the album and I am a convert. The Foals are a decidedly brilliant band.

There are some gorgeous songs, check out Red Sox Pugie and Big Big Love if you don’t believe me.

This album should be in every right persons record collection alongside Total Life forever.

I’m glad the Foals are record of the week for a 2008 release, as they are my find of the year, along with The National, I know a lot of people already knew them but if it wasn’t for Glastonbury, I wouldn’t have.

I might have missed them this year, but I have tickets for both bands next year and that’s down to my favourite festival.


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