All about Glastonbury Festival

Frightened Rabbit – The Other Stage – Sunday – 12pm


It was a bit of a Frightened Rabbit Festival , on the way down in the car, FR were played with monotonous regularity( the trip took 12 hours )  and then when we arrive, we find our next door neighbours are major fans, so we spent most of the week, feverishly looking forward to FR. The first thing that struck me when they started was that the lead singer was the spitting image of Johhny, our ndn.
No wonder they loved them. Anway FR were excellent, they are a band ready to hit the big time, to become the next travis, to scale the heights idlewild never reached but should have. With the swimming song they have an instant hit, now they just need another one. If there is a folkie revival going on, there is also a pop comeback, lead by 2door and FR. Let’s hope they start churning out the hits

3 out of 5

Below Nicky with the Lead Singer of Frightened Rabbit

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