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Album Releases for Week 29/11/2010


Duffy returns with her second album this week and a number of greatest hits. Yeah Xmas. I saw Duffy live at V Festival Sydney a couple of years ago and quite enjoyed it but won’t be buying the album.

NME this week has their top 50 albums of the year, that will be interesting, I am thinking that The National will beat Arcade Fire to No 1

Albums released in the UK today:

Harry Hill – ‘Funny Times’
Olly Murs – ‘Olly Murs’
Duffy – ‘Endlessly’
Black Eyed Peas – ‘The Beginning’
N-Dubz – ‘Love.Live.Life’
Bruce Springsteen – ‘The Collection: 1973-1984’
Glee Cast – ‘Glee: The Music – The Christmas Album’
Nelly Furtado – ‘Best Of’
Simian Mobile Disco – ‘Delicacies’
Alesha Dixon – ‘The Entertainer’
Robyn – ‘Body Talk’
Jenny And Johnny – ‘I’m Having Fun Now’
Gary Numan – ‘The Touring Principle ‘79’
Paul Weller – ‘Find The Torch, Burn The Plans’ (CD/DVD live album)


Cricket Series Downunder


What does the Ashes Cricket series and Glastonbury have in common. Not much I reckon, except maybe Lily Allen. Lily is a huge cricket fan and a regular performer and attendee of Glastonbury.
So this fact alone gives me the right to discuss the Ashes.
Currently the Ashes is the biggest thing happening in Australia, everyone is talking about it, and the series has got off to a flyer, the first 4 days have ebbed and flowed like only a great test match can.
I have got into it so much that I am going to get tickets for a day when it on in Sydney.
I’m probably just supporting England over Australia at this stage, as I have UK citizenship but I have an Aussie daughter and a Pommie son, so I could go either way.
I am hoping the rest of the tests continue in the same great way this one has.

By the way the photo is of Gang of Four, and they are the next band to be dissected in my weekly review of bands  I saw at Glasto on Wednesday 



Jenny and Johnny first started working together in Los Angeles in 2005, after being introduced by Conor Oberst. That was back in 2006 and since then they have worked on each others solo albums. Now they have produced their own together.

I’m having fun now, is a brilliant piece of work, musically it reminds me of early REM when they were in a country mode. That’s not to say this is a Country record it certainly has the feel but it also has a pop sensibility. The start of the record sounds like an ode to summer ( sorry you in England ) and listening to this is pure joy.

As you listen again and again you realize the pure lyrical genius that is going on here.

Take a chance and buy Jenny and Johnny you won’t regret it, I am sure they will be playing a festival near you soon.

iphone app of the week – WordPress – 25/11/2010


A  great app WordPress means you can blog from anywhere in the world from your phone, online or not. You can save the blog to a draft and just upload it later.

This awesome for bloggers and of course those that read said blogs as it means you can get your blog up wherever and whenever. 

Its a free app which is  also great

The Drums – The Other Stage – Sunday – 4.30pm


The Drums were one of the surprise packages of the week, I had only just bought the album a couple of weeks prior, mainly because that was when it was released. My initial thoughts were that it was a bit average and the Drums a bit uninspiring. Live this proved to be incorrect. Finding that I didn’t really want to see much else I found myself in The John Peel tent waiting for The Drums, I am glad I went as it was great, they were energetic, the Frontman a real live wire, they probably deserved a later slot.
Since that show I have revisited their Debut Album and I now love it.

Enjoyable and moorish

4 out of 5

Weekly Album Releases for Week 22/11/2010

Photo of Regina Spektor in concert, Latitude F...

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The major release of the week is from the Kings of Emo My Chemical Romance ( Yuck ) , Regina Spekto releases a live album.

I am going to get hold of   Jenny and Johnny later today and will give you an un-depth review on Sunday 

Albums released today: Jenny & Johnny – ‘I’m Having Fun Now’ Josh Groban – ‘Illuminations’ Kanye West – ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ Kate Rusby – ‘Make The Light’ Middle Class Rut – ‘No Name No Color’ My Chemical Romance – ‘Danger Days: True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys’ Nicki Minaj – ‘Pink Friday’ Regina Spektor – ‘Live In London’

Isle of Wight – Festival Headliners

Foo Fighters performing live

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Isle Of Wight festival has certainly thrown the gauntlet down to all 2011 festivals with their recent headline announcement.
They have 3 heavyweight rock acts in Kings Of Leon, Kasabian and Foo Fighters.
Tickets are selling fast and deservedly so as this is an amazing headlining trio.
I have been privileged to see all 3 and can say that these are 3 worthy headliners who all put on an amazing show.
I haven’t been to Isle of Wight, I was pretty close last year after failing to get Glasto tickets , but we waited until the second Glasto sale before we were going to get the IOW tickets.

 This year if I had missed out on Glasto, I would be buying IOW tickets now.
A great job by the organisers, these guys will be hard to top.


Biffy Clyro

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Biffy Clyro, not really heard any of their old stuff, but don’t they sound like the Foo Fighters. Is that a bad thing to say, I know they have a massive Scottish following, but hey so did The Proclaimers.

Biffy were one of this years surprise guests on the Park Stage, so I suppose Emily Eavis is a fan. Also fans were our Scottish Neighbors at Glastonbury. I won’t mention names but one of the young ladies had taken things to a stalker like level and seen Biffy about a million times. It wasn’t a million but the number was so staggering a huge intake of breath was heard in the John Peel area when we heard the number.

What about the album I hear you say, how good is it, should we buy it. Well in most parts it does sound like a Foo fighters album but occasionally they reach higher heights and sound like, well , Biffy Clyro I suppose.

Bubbles is a great song, one of the best of the year and God and Satan is pretty cool to. Hey its only 4.99 on itunes including a load of video’s so probably its worth a listen.

I am going to go see them live next month in a 800 capacity venue, so will report back about their live show. They are over here supporting Muse and are playing a one-off. I haven’t been to the venue so it’s going to be pretty great.

Hard Rock night here I come.


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Vampires old news, zombies that’s what everyone’s talking about. TV coverage of zombies over the years has been pretty sparse, the only recent show I can remember is Dead Set, set mainly in the Big Brother house, the whole world goes to shit except the Big Brother contestants, even Davina McCall is a zombie. It is both humourous and really scary at the same time. Over the years there have been plenty of Living Dead movies, but Zombieland has been the most recent and funniest, the scenes where they end up meeting Bill Murray at his house are wickedly funny. Now TV finally has a serious Zombie series. The Walking Dead calls the Zombies , Walkers, but really we all know they are Zombies. In a strange bit of casting Egg from This Life, yeah the guy out of Teachers, is a southern American Cop looking for his family. I have seen the first 2 eps and it looks exceedingly good. Will be interesting to see how it goes in the States.

iPhone app of the week 18/11/2010 – VLC

The Pyramid Stage

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One of the major problems with the iPhone was you could only watch movies and Tv downloaded in the iTunes format, which is quite a problem if you like to get your files elsewhere. VLC have come up with an app which means you can transfer any file into iTunes and watch it on your iPhone.
This means I have recently started watching Glasto 09 coverage on my phone. It’s weird watching the BBC coverage as I hardly saw any of the bands they covered myself.
Anyway a great app and a must have on your phone.