All about Glastonbury Festival


Punters at the St Jerome's Laneway Festival

Image by davesag via Flickr


Laneway Festival is reviewing an album a week from a band that is playing for them in February. The first review was of Warpaints, The fool which was also released this week. I rushed out to buy it so I could review it as well and I love it.

I can’t really add much to the review they did, which I have included below. The NME gave it 9 out of 10 in their mag this week as well.

All-girl psychedelic quartet Warpaint have taken their time bringing us their debut album. The L.A.-based band began writing songs six years ago; since then, they’ve endured a couple of line-up changes, toured the world, released an acclaimed ep and signed to venerable indie label Rough Trade. Now, finally, with hype surrounding the band building to levels only known in the internet age, it’s here: The Fool, Warpaint’s debut long player. And what an album it is. A hazy, immersive, genre-defying, beautiful thing, The Fool carries the spontaneous feel of an open-ended jam, the intimate, serendipitous air of four friends playing music together deep into the night. In short, you have to hear it.

Hopefully they will play Glastonbury, also I hope that I get to see them at Laneway.


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