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American Band to headline Glastonbury – Who ?

Dave Grohl

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Michael Eavis has said that one of the headliners this year is American. Quite a few names have been bandied about. Beyonce, what the fuck, was named, however it is extremely unlikely she will headline, she may do the Shakira spot from last year. Madonna was rumoured as well but I expect our Kylie would headline before your Mads. So it’s now looking like a 2 horse race. Prince or the Foo Fighters.
I have seen both so can put my spin on there respective merits.
I saw Prince in the early 90’s at Wembley Arena and he was awesome, he had put out 3 or 4 amazing albums in a row and was near enough at his peak. He played in the round and his stage show and presence were immense. Not to long after he became Symbol and his star descended quicker than Kevin Rudd became obsolete.
Now he is trying to make a comeback of sorts but he hasn’t recorded a decent song in 15 years. Realistically if Prince plays Glasto it should be at about 5 on the Sunday. Anyway who really wants to say that clapped out nobody.
On the other hand Dave Grohl and the boys are just about the biggest rock band in the world, remember those 2 sold out shows at Wembley. I saw them at Acer Arena in Sydney a venue that makes Wembley arena look like a fantastic venue but they managed to play a fantastic set that had the crowd in rapture. There so-called Acoustic part of the gig was amazing with Dave also funnier than any stand up I have seen in years.
What a coup it would be for Glasto to have the Fooies play.
There is only 1 true headliner from the states that I will accept from my shortlist and that is The Foo Fighters.


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