All about Glastonbury Festival

Sunday – the start of another day


Now that I have got through to the Sunday at Glastonbury 2010, I am going to change the style of the blog. I am going to use the photo’s I took on the Sunday in a chronological order. Sometimes this may not exactly reflect what I am writing about but it will make my life easier as I will know what photos I have used.
So unless I have photos of a band I am reviewing for album of the week, it will just be the next photo in my list.
Hope that all makes sense and that you don’t get to bored.
So my first Sunday photo is of bearded Canadian singer/songwriter Dan Margan, who I will not officially review, as I only really caught a couple of songs, whilst wandering around trying to find Nicky and Andrew.
What I did hear didn’t exactly grab me so I don’t think I really missed much.


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