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Cover art for Runaway.

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Most reviews of Come Around Sundown have been pretty negative and this review will start that way. On a couple of occasions whilst listening to the album I have felt physically sick. I am not sure why as it’s not a bad album.
Is it that I get the feeling I am listening to the next Bon Jovi. They are certainly heading that way, their music is much tamer now than in the past , I don’t personally own any Bon Jovi but I am sure that if you have your parents over for dinner you can play it as background music. I have the feeling that KOL are becoming that sort of band. They may already be that band.

I remember playing Milk for some friends once back in 2004 and they said that not only could you not understand a word they were singing but that it was probably only gibberish. I got them to listen on headphones and they couldn’t believe that not only was every lyric understandable but that it was even quite brilliant you don’t get that from come around sundown.
As I said before its not a bad album but I feel as though I have wasted a week of my life listening to mediocrity when I could have been discovering a new band with new ideas and thoughts.
Been a big stadium band does not mean you have to resort to mediocrity, REM produced Automatic for the people when they went huge, U2 Joshua Tree.
It can be done, KOL need to go away and think about what they want to do next. Do they really want to become Bon Jovi or do they want to be the real KOL.


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