All about Glastonbury Festival

Laneway Festival




 The Australian festival season is coming up soon, the biggie other summer is the Big Day Out. Headliners are Tool and Rammestein, not my cup of tea, so I am giving this so-called festival at the Olympic stadium a major swerve. Usually I can fit in a couple of sideshows from the bands playing but I am struggling this year with only The Black Keys grabbing my fancy. SO I will wait to see what venue they play before deciding on seeing them.

This years best festival looks to be the Laneways Festival, with an awesome line up including Stornoway,Beach House and the Foals all bands I wanted to see but missed out on at Glastonbury this year.Joining them are Glasot Fav’s Two Door Cinema Club and Holy Fuck.

The festival is in Feb and as I have my ticket I will be heading there to get some photo’s and to give it an in-depth review.

The full lineup can be found at their website



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