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Cover of "Boxer"

Cover of Boxer



The question foremost in everyone’s mind is, is the Boxer as good as High Violet, and the answer to most extents is yes.

The National are without doubt the break out band of the year for me, I know they have been going for years, but this is the first time  I have heard of them.

The Boxer was released in 2007, and shows a band comfortable in their own skin and producing fine music already, some of the songs show what they are heading towards in 2010 but are in their own right excellent.

Fake Empire the opening track could easily sit in High Violet and Apartment Story is also awesome. As a whole the album is probably a rung or two below High Violets lofty heights but this is more a tribute to the brilliance of their latest album rather than to say the Boxer is not excellent.

Go out and buy this if you enjoyed  High Violet if you don’t have both albums already go get them now.

Also Photo is of my dog watching telly, just thought it was cute.


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