All about Glastonbury Festival



The Morning Benders are from California and play a similar style to the Drums with a shot of excellent pop thrown in for good measure, think Two Door Cinema Club meets Phoenix.

As Morning Benders are touring Oz in January and were playing the very small intimate Oxford Arts Factory I thought I would get tickets, which I did, this was due to listening to the incredibly infectious Promises that was the itunes free single of the week in recent months.

This meant I finally gave way and bought the rest of the record, I hate knowing only 1 song of a bands when I see them.

Not to mention that currently the download is only 5.99, which is pretty reasonable value.

Luckily I am not disappointed, the album is another great slice of Californian pop, joining the likes of best Coast as great bands out of the US Pacific coast recently.

Promises is still their best song, but check out cold War, Excuses and All Day Daylight are also excellent,

Can’t wait to see them

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