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Artwork of The Libertines's Carl Barat

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This weeks major release is Carl Barat’s self titled debut album. This will be an interesting record and one that should find its way into plenty of homes also out is Ou Est Le Swimming Pool, if you haven’t read about what happened to their lead singer then goggle the bands name.

Not sure what I will get this week, there are plenty of live announcements for bands happening in Australia at the moment, including 2 happening tomorrow, so will wait to see who is coming over before buying anything.

Interpol have already been announced to play in January as have The National.

Anyway this weeks album releases in the UK are

Albums released today:Badly Drawn Boy – ‘It’s What I’m Thinking Pt.1 – Photographing Snowflakes’ Bob Geldof – ‘How To Compose Popular Songs That Will Sell’ Carl Barat – ‘Carl Barat’ Dinosaur Pile-Up – ‘Growing Pains’ The Divine Comedy – ‘Live At Somerset House’ Fran Healy – ‘Wreckorder’ Imelda May – ‘Mayhem’ John Lennon – ‘Power To The People: The Hits’ Lupen Crook – ‘The Pros And Cons Of Eating Out’ Ou Est Le Swimming Pool – ‘The Golden Year’ Performance – ‘Red Brick Heart’ Suzanne Vega – ‘Close Up Vol 2: People & Places’


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