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Punters at the St Jerome's Laneway Festival

Image by davesag via Flickr


Laneway Festival is reviewing an album a week from a band that is playing for them in February. The first review was of Warpaints, The fool which was also released this week. I rushed out to buy it so I could review it as well and I love it.

I can’t really add much to the review they did, which I have included below. The NME gave it 9 out of 10 in their mag this week as well.

All-girl psychedelic quartet Warpaint have taken their time bringing us their debut album. The L.A.-based band began writing songs six years ago; since then, they’ve endured a couple of line-up changes, toured the world, released an acclaimed ep and signed to venerable indie label Rough Trade. Now, finally, with hype surrounding the band building to levels only known in the internet age, it’s here: The Fool, Warpaint’s debut long player. And what an album it is. A hazy, immersive, genre-defying, beautiful thing, The Fool carries the spontaneous feel of an open-ended jam, the intimate, serendipitous air of four friends playing music together deep into the night. In short, you have to hear it.

Hopefully they will play Glastonbury, also I hope that I get to see them at Laneway.


Bon Jovi are playing ! I am not going !

The Pyramid Stage

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An interesting twerp I read the other day from someone said they would be returning their ticket if Bon Jovi were headlining.
Really, you go to Glastonbury to see the headliners on the Pyramid Stage. Maybe you should be going to other festivals. Although Glasto goes out if it’s way to procure headliners, really it’s not about who headlines. It is about the other 1997 performers you are able to catch on the 5 days. In the past 2 years , I haven’t caught any of the Pyramid headliners but my son has near enough seen them all. In fact last year I didn’t see any Pyramid Stage acts, there was just to much good stuff happening elsewhere.

That’s the first time in 4 years I haven’t seen anyone on the main stage. To me this shows the incredible strength of Glasto. Next year I am going to make sure I see an act on the Pyramid, it won’t be Bon Jovi if they play, but it will be someone.


”]Cover of "District 9 [Blu-ray]"





I have been watching loads of movies lately, so I thought it might be a good idea to review some of them, to maybe save you the bother of having to watch them. My first review is Bitch Slap. Now this movie is just plain ridiculous. Bitch Slap is a definite tribute/Homage or complete copy of Usual Suspects but adds a bit of soft lesbian porn to the equation.

If you are keen on that sort of thing you will love it otherwise just don’t bother. Also this week I have seen Animal Kingdom an Aussie movie about a criminal family gang, these guys are not criminal masterminds they are more like a family of dumb and dumber. although violent this is a seriously good movie which will have you cringing at the violence and the sudden deaths of main characters. All the characters are believable, the cast is excellent, and includes Guy Pearce and Joel Edgerton. This movie recently got 18 nominations at Aussie film awards. Well worth renting.

Finally this week I saw District 9, I am sure most people have seen it, but I had previously watched a terrible pirated copy which had a laugh worthy translation of the aliens on the copy. Seeing it in HD and getting to understand the actual plot made it a far more entertaining story to watch


Glasto Photo for the day is of We have bands female component.

American Band to headline Glastonbury – Who ?

Dave Grohl

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Michael Eavis has said that one of the headliners this year is American. Quite a few names have been bandied about. Beyonce, what the fuck, was named, however it is extremely unlikely she will headline, she may do the Shakira spot from last year. Madonna was rumoured as well but I expect our Kylie would headline before your Mads. So it’s now looking like a 2 horse race. Prince or the Foo Fighters.
I have seen both so can put my spin on there respective merits.
I saw Prince in the early 90’s at Wembley Arena and he was awesome, he had put out 3 or 4 amazing albums in a row and was near enough at his peak. He played in the round and his stage show and presence were immense. Not to long after he became Symbol and his star descended quicker than Kevin Rudd became obsolete.
Now he is trying to make a comeback of sorts but he hasn’t recorded a decent song in 15 years. Realistically if Prince plays Glasto it should be at about 5 on the Sunday. Anyway who really wants to say that clapped out nobody.
On the other hand Dave Grohl and the boys are just about the biggest rock band in the world, remember those 2 sold out shows at Wembley. I saw them at Acer Arena in Sydney a venue that makes Wembley arena look like a fantastic venue but they managed to play a fantastic set that had the crowd in rapture. There so-called Acoustic part of the gig was amazing with Dave also funnier than any stand up I have seen in years.
What a coup it would be for Glasto to have the Fooies play.
There is only 1 true headliner from the states that I will accept from my shortlist and that is The Foo Fighters.

Sunday – the start of another day


Now that I have got through to the Sunday at Glastonbury 2010, I am going to change the style of the blog. I am going to use the photo’s I took on the Sunday in a chronological order. Sometimes this may not exactly reflect what I am writing about but it will make my life easier as I will know what photos I have used.
So unless I have photos of a band I am reviewing for album of the week, it will just be the next photo in my list.
Hope that all makes sense and that you don’t get to bored.
So my first Sunday photo is of bearded Canadian singer/songwriter Dan Margan, who I will not officially review, as I only really caught a couple of songs, whilst wandering around trying to find Nicky and Andrew.
What I did hear didn’t exactly grab me so I don’t think I really missed much.


Cover art for Runaway.

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Most reviews of Come Around Sundown have been pretty negative and this review will start that way. On a couple of occasions whilst listening to the album I have felt physically sick. I am not sure why as it’s not a bad album.
Is it that I get the feeling I am listening to the next Bon Jovi. They are certainly heading that way, their music is much tamer now than in the past , I don’t personally own any Bon Jovi but I am sure that if you have your parents over for dinner you can play it as background music. I have the feeling that KOL are becoming that sort of band. They may already be that band.

I remember playing Milk for some friends once back in 2004 and they said that not only could you not understand a word they were singing but that it was probably only gibberish. I got them to listen on headphones and they couldn’t believe that not only was every lyric understandable but that it was even quite brilliant you don’t get that from come around sundown.
As I said before its not a bad album but I feel as though I have wasted a week of my life listening to mediocrity when I could have been discovering a new band with new ideas and thoughts.
Been a big stadium band does not mean you have to resort to mediocrity, REM produced Automatic for the people when they went huge, U2 Joshua Tree.
It can be done, KOL need to go away and think about what they want to do next. Do they really want to become Bon Jovi or do they want to be the real KOL.

Saturday Review

Steven Ansell from english rockgroup blood red...

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Saturday was another awesome day at Glastonbury. The weather was awesome, the bands were incredible the atmosphere electric.

Just another day at Glastonbury 10.

Had a great afternoon at the Queens Head, the highlight was Band of Skulls but also thoroughly enjoyed Blood Red Shoes and Holy Fuck.

The disappointments for the day were Reef and the Billy Bragg round up. Reef were truly awful.

The best of the night were Jamie T and The XX who were both superb.

Finished the night off with a few drinks and went and saw Rev and the Makers at an outdoor area in the dance village.



Laneway Festival




 The Australian festival season is coming up soon, the biggie other summer is the Big Day Out. Headliners are Tool and Rammestein, not my cup of tea, so I am giving this so-called festival at the Olympic stadium a major swerve. Usually I can fit in a couple of sideshows from the bands playing but I am struggling this year with only The Black Keys grabbing my fancy. SO I will wait to see what venue they play before deciding on seeing them.

This years best festival looks to be the Laneways Festival, with an awesome line up including Stornoway,Beach House and the Foals all bands I wanted to see but missed out on at Glastonbury this year.Joining them are Glasot Fav’s Two Door Cinema Club and Holy Fuck.

The festival is in Feb and as I have my ticket I will be heading there to get some photo’s and to give it an in-depth review.

The full lineup can be found at their website



Kings of Leon

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This weeks major release is from The Kings of Leon, a band who have defied the odds to step up into the major leagues.


This was partly due to great albums and great fans but also Glastonbury picking them as a headlining act in 2008.

Before this they were hardly known in their own country. This is now their 2nd Major league album so it will be interesting to see how they have coped and survived. I will review the Kings of Leon on Sunday.

The rest of this weeks albums are

The Beatles – ‘1962-1966’ (The Red Album)

The Beatles – ‘1967-1970’ (The Blue Album)

Kings Of Leon – ‘Come Around Sundown’

Lil Wayne – ‘I Am Not A Human Being’

The Phantom Band – ‘The Wants’

Red Hot Chilli Pipers – ‘Music For The Kilted Generation’

Shontelle – ‘No Gravity’

Squarepusher: ‘Shobaleader One: d’Demonstrator’


Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross – ‘The Social Network’ (OST)