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Brandon Flowers - The Killers live in Rome

Image by mistress_f via Flickr

The Killers Brandon Flowers has one awesome voice. I have loved the Killers since they started, and have seen them twice since  I have been in Australia, so i was always going to get their next album. It just happens that their next album comes in the disguise of a Brandon Flowers solo Album.

So the NME amongst others has got stuck into him, accusing him of all sorts of evil deeds done to music.

However I disagree, I was initially thinking that he may go down the path of other Solo artists from bands and try something considerable different. Thank god he hasn’t and the album is a mini triumph.

Once again Brandon Flowers invites us into his vision of America. From Las Vegas to San Fransisco he evokes a USA that we can dream about but struggle to see when we visit.

If you like the Killers but have been put off by reviews check it out, if you have never given the Killers the time of day, then this is not going to convince you.


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