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Album Releases for 06 September 2010

Spaceman (The Killers song)

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Biggest New release is from Killers frontman Brandon Flowers, I am one of the most devastated from the split up of the Killers , as I had tickets to see them play The Enmore Theatre 2 days later.
So although the NME have absolutely given the album a shut kicking , I have it already and will review it later in the week.

Hurts and the Charlatans also release albums this week which probably are worth a glance

This weeks releases are

Brandon Flowers – ‘Flamingo’
Brian Wilson – ‘Reimagines Gershwin’
The Charlatans – ‘Who We Touch’
Hurts – ‘Happiness’
James – ‘The Morning After’
The Like – ‘Release Me’
Stone Sour – ‘Audio Secrecy’


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