All about Glastonbury Festival


Is it me or do The Klaxons sound alarmingly like Duran Duran. This their second album Is getting some very mixed reviews. The NME gave it an 8 out of 10, high praise indeed.

On early listenings opening track Echoes is without doubt the highlight of the album alongside the awesome album cover of a cat in a spacesuit. Again is it just me or if you say an album is a sleeper or a grower that it is just downright shit.
The Klaxons take on Dance indie seems to have moved into a more glam punk 80’s take on their original album which is not a compliment.
After a few more listens, the album is definitely not a grower it’s just patchy there are some fine songs and then there are some that could be on a Andrew Lloyd Webber musical soundtrack.
At this stage if you are in two minds about whether to purchase said album, I would not recommend it.
On the other hand if you don’t yet have The National, why not, last weeks album if the week is this years must own and The National the band I most want to catch up with when they are playing.

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