All about Glastonbury Festival

Hottest Gigs ( Weather Wise )

Hammersmith Apollo exterior, front

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Man it was hot at Glastonbury this year and that got me to thinking what are the hottest gigs I’ve ever been to.

As far as indoor Gigs go 2 stand out, first , The Kings of Leon at Hammersmith Apollo, not sure when this was but must have been around the release of their second album, it was near enough 40 degrees that day and just getting to the gig was hard work on the tube. Once there the Apollo was a nightmare, more people were drinking water than alcohol. Once inside the Auditorium area it wasn’t quite so bad but I felt like I had lost 10 pounds during the gig.

The other really hot gig was another 40 degree day but here in Sydney for The Arctic Monkeys.
They had just started playing new songs from the second album but no one really knew them, that and the heat meant it wasn’t their greatest gig. You could literally see the boys shrinking on stage, by the end they just  quietly left the stage glad to be finished.
Of course there have been loads of hot outdoor gigs probably to many to go into really, but one that sticks out, is well, Glastonbury 2010.
I have never at a festival needed shade quite so much as this festival and weather not even rain has decided how I ended up seeing as much. It is of course only at Glastonbury that you have so much choice that you can do that anyway.


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