All about Glastonbury Festival

Bills Big Round Up – Leftfield – Saturday – 3pm

You’ve gotta love Billy Bragg, the last time I had seen him was supporting Hard Fi at the Brixton Academy and he was real good, so hearing that he was curating his own tent I thought I should get over to see him at some time.
It just happened that on Saturday afternoon in the hottest time of the day he was hosting Billy’s round up.
So off we trotted not really knowing what to expect. Except that it wasn’t in the searing sun.
We got there just as it was starting, Billy was introducing the participants which included Frank Turner and Beans on Toast. They all took turns to acoustically play a song, which mainly had some political implication or another. For me there was a bit to much posturing and for that reason it was Beans on Toast who stole the show.
He sung a cleaver and completely inappropriate song about meow meow.
I got a bit bored halfway through and went and got a beer from the Bar opposite. I returned for the end to see Billy leading everyone in a rather embarrassing version of Bob Marley’s One Love.

2 out of 5


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  1. A+ would read again

    August 26, 2010 at 6:47 am

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