All about Glastonbury Festival


This is the National’s fifth album and the first that I have listened to. formed in 1999 they are a 5 piece with a lead singer Matt Beringer and two sets of brothers.

So I would like to say is how fucking good are The National.

Starting with Terrible love a rock n roll tribute similar in scope to Bittersweet Symphony.
After that they change the form of the album completely.
What is in the water in the Americas that they can produce Arcade Fire and  The National, I can’t remember loving the US so much since the days of Rem and Nirvana .
This is 51 minutes of unbridled unexpected joy. Why didn’t anyone tell me about them before the Glasto trip .
Afraid of everyone continues for me the Verve type of intensity without resorting to Richard Ashcroft hysterics. This is a band who knows what they want to say and how they want to see it.
High Violet is a unique record.
I suggest anyone who has read this blog and said hey I agree with that guy and doesnt yet own the Nationals latest album goes to their local our price or wollies and buy it. If you can’t find one of those spotify it or download it from iTunes even at the outrageous price of 7.99.
Listen to lemonworld it’s awesome I’m not sure what the fuck it’s about but what a great song. Every track is a beauty and I would say this record will be contesting a lot of critics top of the year charts later this year.

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