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Top 50 New bands of the year

The Smith Westerns (album)

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The NME have recently announced their top 50 new bands to follow of the year so far.

It makes interesting reading but for those that don’t want to trawl through the website or buy the Magazine I will tell you the top 5.
No 5 are the Smith Westerns, I have never heard of them, but when I looked on iTunes I noticed their album came out early 2009. So a bit late there Mr NME.
No 4 are The Sleigh Bells, they are touring Oz next year , so I might buy the album and check them out with a view to seeing them.
No 3 is Wy Lfy.
No 2 should already be a favourite of everybody’s The Drums.
No 1 is Californian band Best Coast, they were already on my iTunes Wish List, they may just have to go on the buy sooner rather than later list.
Just an  aside Marina and the Diamonds were in the top 10, go figure.


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