All about Glastonbury Festival

Reef – Other Stage – Saturday – 12.00pm

I think I saw reef in 94 or 95, I’m not sure, I don’t even know if they played but that was around about the time they were at their biggest. Chris Evans had used their place your hands as part of his TGI Friday programme. If you were anyone back then you watched that programme  so every week you heard Reef.
So for nostalgia reasons I stayed after Two door cinema club at the Other Stage to watch Reef.
I wish I hadn’t, they played a half arse set to wannabe stoner’s including two 9 year old’s who knew every word of one song, it was a pretty obscure song so it was quite scary rather than been cute.
They threw out Place your hands rather early, and after that the crowd started to limp away in droves.
We managed to watch most of the set, but I went away thinking they were crap in the 90’s and they were worse now. Why they hell had I bothered.
I don’t usually indulge my nostalgic side at Glastonbury and I wish I hadn’t this time.
1 out of 5


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