All about Glastonbury Festival


Is Arcade Fires new album The Suburbs a masterpiece ? If you read the reviews coming out of the press you would think so. I am not so sure. I am certainly not going to say it isn’t a good album. it definitely is. it’s easily the best post Glasto album this year.

It is a sprawling work encompassing a lot of different genres from Bruce Springsteenish rock to indie through Xmas Corals.

I think the album will need a bit of work, so it will be on high rotation next week as well.

With Florence and the Machine and the Magic Numbers in town, I was listening to a lot of their work this week. Remembering how good that first Magic Numbers album is.

Also I finally replaced my rubbish apple earphones this week as well. I used to have a pair of Seinnheisers but the dog eat them so I went back to the apple ones.

Well what a difference a decent pair of headphones makes, the detail in the songs is so much better, sometimes scarily so.

I got a pair of Klipsch S4I’s , they are cananlphones and very comfortable.

I recommend buying a better set of headphones if you are still using the out of box ones for whatever mp3 player you have.


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