All about Glastonbury Festival

Friday 25th June 2010 Overview

Friday at Glastonbury 2010, was brilliant. Great Bands played.

It was very hot and this in a way determined who I saw. Starting with the Magic Numbers, I then moved on to see a DJ named Hannah Holland in Dance East, mainly as I wanted to get out of the Sun. I then caught a bit of Corrine Bailey Rae at the Pyramid Stage and back for a little of the Stranglers who I saw play peaches.

The Other stage then took over as we saw Courtenners, Phoenix , La Roux and  Florence all one after another.

We managed to get over to Dance East to see Delphic, before we headed back to the tent for a well deserved rest.

Once back at the tent we listened to the Black Keys and Groove Armada who we could hear although not really see.

Then we caught up on who other people had seen. The nights headliners the Gorillaz had seemed to go down pretty well with most people and Detroit Social Club had a lot of followers from their 11am performance at the John Peel tent.

The first full day had gone well everyone seemed to have a great day. The night ended like the rest having to get rugged up as the freezing cold set in.

My 3 highlights from Day 1 were

Florence and the Machine




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