All about Glastonbury Festival

Delphic – Dance West – Friday – 8.45pm

After the euphoria of Florence it was going to be hard to keep up that kind of intensity.
It just happened that another of the band of the moment were playing and nearby. Delphic were serving up their slice of indie dance at the dance west tent. A small tent that is normally home to DJ’s not the next big thing. Like most crowded tents if you went to the opposite side of the busy area you could get pretty close and so we were for Delphic.

We were not disappointed, in fact Delphic were prehaps the surprise highlight of the week. They rocked the place. It was a pretty smallish crowd, probably because so many bands were playing at the time that looked to be major highlights and the fact that they were also playing the John Peel tent later in the weekend.

However for all those there it was awe-inspiring and has I am sure converted everyone there into a major fan.

Delphic are one of a number of bands that now use the computer and the guitar until recently usually 2 things that didn’t really go together and I think  Delphic are the best.

If you haven’t got the album go out and get it , when they are in town next go and see them

5 out of 5


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