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Here We Go Magic – Queens Head – Saturday – 17.00

The Queens Head is awesome. After Billy Bragg we headed there to spend our Saturday afternoon, early evening there. First up where Here we go Magic. Although I had heard of them I hadn’t investigated their music as I wasn’t planning to see them.

We found a little spot we could sit down at but that was close enough to party if enough people made that happen.
There was only a small crowd for the band, we could walk straight across the tent to buy beers at the other end.

Here we go magic were okay nothing amazing they had one big fan however who was going off.Which was quite fun to watch. We realised later he was just going off, as he di the same for 2 more bands later that day.



Is it me or do The Klaxons sound alarmingly like Duran Duran. This their second album Is getting some very mixed reviews. The NME gave it an 8 out of 10, high praise indeed.

On early listenings opening track Echoes is without doubt the highlight of the album alongside the awesome album cover of a cat in a spacesuit. Again is it just me or if you say an album is a sleeper or a grower that it is just downright shit.
The Klaxons take on Dance indie seems to have moved into a more glam punk 80’s take on their original album which is not a compliment.
After a few more listens, the album is definitely not a grower it’s just patchy there are some fine songs and then there are some that could be on a Andrew Lloyd Webber musical soundtrack.
At this stage if you are in two minds about whether to purchase said album, I would not recommend it.
On the other hand if you don’t yet have The National, why not, last weeks album if the week is this years must own and The National the band I most want to catch up with when they are playing.

Hottest Gigs ( Weather Wise )

Hammersmith Apollo exterior, front

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Man it was hot at Glastonbury this year and that got me to thinking what are the hottest gigs I’ve ever been to.

As far as indoor Gigs go 2 stand out, first , The Kings of Leon at Hammersmith Apollo, not sure when this was but must have been around the release of their second album, it was near enough 40 degrees that day and just getting to the gig was hard work on the tube. Once there the Apollo was a nightmare, more people were drinking water than alcohol. Once inside the Auditorium area it wasn’t quite so bad but I felt like I had lost 10 pounds during the gig.

The other really hot gig was another 40 degree day but here in Sydney for The Arctic Monkeys.
They had just started playing new songs from the second album but no one really knew them, that and the heat meant it wasn’t their greatest gig. You could literally see the boys shrinking on stage, by the end they just  quietly left the stage glad to be finished.
Of course there have been loads of hot outdoor gigs probably to many to go into really, but one that sticks out, is well, Glastonbury 2010.
I have never at a festival needed shade quite so much as this festival and weather not even rain has decided how I ended up seeing as much. It is of course only at Glastonbury that you have so much choice that you can do that anyway.


I previously previewed the Left Field tent but I had not actually been to it. Now I have. The tent itself is unremarkable and quite small it is opposite a good size bar with a sit down area and the orange chill and charge tent. I noticed while I was there you could hear music from somewhere else which was disconcerting.

The ground at the tent area was pretty hard which was annoying and there was an area in the middle where people could sit and this blocked a lot of people’s views.

As usual with most tent’s it could look quite busy but if you just brushed past people standing at the entrance ways you could get in easily enough.

I am not sure how the tent as a whole went down and will be interested to see if it is kept next year and if so whether Billy Bragg curates or it is handed over to someone new.


Not long to go now. Hope everyone going to Leeds or Reading enjoys that and those who went to V had a great time, but the real thing is now only 300 days away.

Album Releases for the week 23rd August 2010

The big new release this week is the Klaxons Surfing The Void, it has been a 3 year wait and everyone has been waiting with bated breath to see what they would do next. I have got a copy and will give you my synopsis later in the week.
Other interesting releases are from those Perth boys Tame Impala and The Eels.

I just happened to be walking past the Enmore theater 2 weeks ago and they were playing. Their was a big crowd queuing as well. I haven’t really got in to them since their early days and probably Won’t aging but who knows.on the why have they bothered front John Mellancamp who used to be a cougar releases a new album

This weeks album releases are

Klaxons – ‘Surfing The Void’
Eels – ‘Tomorrow Morning’
One Night Only – ‘One Night Only’
William Orbit – ‘Pieces In A Modern Style 2’
!!! – ‘Strange Weather Isn’t It’
Tame Impala – ‘Innerspeaker’
Various Artists – ‘Scott Pilgrim Vs The World OST’
Zola Jesus – ‘Stridulum II’
The Count & Sinden – ‘Mega Mega Mega’
The Union – ‘The Union’
John Mellencamp – ‘No Better Than This’

Bills Big Round Up – Leftfield – Saturday – 3pm

You’ve gotta love Billy Bragg, the last time I had seen him was supporting Hard Fi at the Brixton Academy and he was real good, so hearing that he was curating his own tent I thought I should get over to see him at some time.
It just happened that on Saturday afternoon in the hottest time of the day he was hosting Billy’s round up.
So off we trotted not really knowing what to expect. Except that it wasn’t in the searing sun.
We got there just as it was starting, Billy was introducing the participants which included Frank Turner and Beans on Toast. They all took turns to acoustically play a song, which mainly had some political implication or another. For me there was a bit to much posturing and for that reason it was Beans on Toast who stole the show.
He sung a cleaver and completely inappropriate song about meow meow.
I got a bit bored halfway through and went and got a beer from the Bar opposite. I returned for the end to see Billy leading everyone in a rather embarrassing version of Bob Marley’s One Love.

2 out of 5


This is the National’s fifth album and the first that I have listened to. formed in 1999 they are a 5 piece with a lead singer Matt Beringer and two sets of brothers.

So I would like to say is how fucking good are The National.

Starting with Terrible love a rock n roll tribute similar in scope to Bittersweet Symphony.
After that they change the form of the album completely.
What is in the water in the Americas that they can produce Arcade Fire and  The National, I can’t remember loving the US so much since the days of Rem and Nirvana .
This is 51 minutes of unbridled unexpected joy. Why didn’t anyone tell me about them before the Glasto trip .
Afraid of everyone continues for me the Verve type of intensity without resorting to Richard Ashcroft hysterics. This is a band who knows what they want to say and how they want to see it.
High Violet is a unique record.
I suggest anyone who has read this blog and said hey I agree with that guy and doesnt yet own the Nationals latest album goes to their local our price or wollies and buy it. If you can’t find one of those spotify it or download it from iTunes even at the outrageous price of 7.99.
Listen to lemonworld it’s awesome I’m not sure what the fuck it’s about but what a great song. Every track is a beauty and I would say this record will be contesting a lot of critics top of the year charts later this year.

Top 50 New bands of the year

The Smith Westerns (album)

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The NME have recently announced their top 50 new bands to follow of the year so far.

It makes interesting reading but for those that don’t want to trawl through the website or buy the Magazine I will tell you the top 5.
No 5 are the Smith Westerns, I have never heard of them, but when I looked on iTunes I noticed their album came out early 2009. So a bit late there Mr NME.
No 4 are The Sleigh Bells, they are touring Oz next year , so I might buy the album and check them out with a view to seeing them.
No 3 is Wy Lfy.
No 2 should already be a favourite of everybody’s The Drums.
No 1 is Californian band Best Coast, they were already on my iTunes Wish List, they may just have to go on the buy sooner rather than later list.
Just an  aside Marina and the Diamonds were in the top 10, go figure.

Pussy Parlure

The Pussy Parlure is a rotunda like venue situated in the Dance Village. It plays hosts to various different types of musical theater. Last year I managed to find myself watching salsa dancing.
Once inside there is a number of booths on the outside of the dance floor running around the length of the establishment only making way for a small stage at one end and a bar at another.
The bar differentiates itself from other bars by serving and I suppose specializing in Sangria.
It’s a nice place to visit and to get away from either the scorching heat or driving rain and if your lucky to have a sit down at one of the booths.