All about Glastonbury Festival

Florence and the Machine – Other Stage – Friday – 7.20pm

Finally, I was to see Florence, it must be said there was immense pressure on her to deliver as Mumford & Sons were playing the John Peel tent at the same time.
Pretty poor scheduling as these were the 2 biggest new acts of the past 2 years.
We had basically been positioned at the Other Stage all day and the mornings slight hangover had ben replaced with an early evening drunk glow.

We were ready to go and so were 50,000 odd revellers. This was and still is the biggest crowd , I have seen at the Other Stage.
People were fair ripped to be here and she didn’t disappoint.
Who’s got the love, Dog Days, Rabbit Heart etc what a bunch of great songs. She also ripped off a great Fleetwood Mac cover. She owned that stage she bounced around like a Maniac.

At one stage she took out her own Mic and sang a song that no one could hear.

The only downside to an otherwise exceptional performance.
Florence has the world at her feet, all she needs to do now is to not go down the Mgmt crap sleeper 2nd album road.
A near enough perfect way to spend Friday evening.

5 out of 5


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