All about Glastonbury Festival

Police and Security at Glastonbury

Last year I went to the V Festival in Sydney. The music was awesome but that’s not what I want to talk about. As you entered the festival and this applies to any large Aussie music festival there were 300 police standing on the other side of the entrance, waiting to body-search everyone.

Usually old buggers like me get through pretty easily but that’s not the case for all. In January a young girl died at Big Day out in Perth from taking E because she took them all before she entered the arena. It just happened that it was a 40• day.
Look I don’t want to get down on the Police and their  policies, it’s a fine line between crowd control and crowd disorder.
My point is that Glastonbury organizers and the Police have come to an exceptional balance for policing the sit and seem to have it right.
Crime used to be rife back in the 90’s when Glasto started getting 100,000 plus crowds. Now it’s pretty sparse, as long as your sensible.
Also you are pretty much able to do as you wish once on site, I hardly saw a cop and the ones I did seemed to be having as good a time as everyone else.
So I saw well done to the Police, the Organizers and the 180,000 people who go for a trouble-free time.
Nice one.


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