All about Glastonbury Festival

La Roux – Other Stage – Friday – 5.50pm

La Roux was one of the most discussed artists of the pre festival for us. The main question was would we go see her. Her performance at the Isle of Wight had been roundly condemned, for been way to screechy and just not that good.

In the end we decided to stay after Phoenix and enjoy a long run of bands on the Other Stage starting with the Courteneers and culminating with Florence. I for one am glad we did.

As is the case with most bands she played her hits and sprinkled it with covers. After running through a big speech about never playing covers she covered the Rolling Stones Under my Thumb, she then proceeded to introduce the lead singer of Heaven 17 and cover Temptation.

She dedicated the gig to her parents who were in the crowd and whose first festival it was. It was pretty emotional for her and well for us as well and it was an excellent performance

La Roux had certainly overcome our fears and produced a mini triumph.

4 out of 5

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