All about Glastonbury Festival


Released 28 Feb 2010

This week album of the week, is Blood Red Shoes. if you haven’t heard of them they are a minimalist band along the lines of the White Stripes. With a boy drummer and a girl guitarist. They hail from Brighton and have been around for years although they look as if they are in their teens.

This is their second album released in Feb this year. They sound like early 90’s indie before Oasis arrived on the scene, think Elastica meets Smashing Pumpkins.
Although the album is good it’s not amazing. Live they rock . Well worth checking out of they aren’t yet on your radar.

Also on the turntable are Bombay Bicycle Clubs Flaws which is a grower, but weird, as  I don’t really associate them with that type of music.

Also still listening to Frank Turner and a dash of Florence and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

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