All about Glastonbury Festival

Phoenix – Other Stage – Friday – 4.30pm

Although it was still mega hot, I persuaded the Courteneers fans to stay on with me to see Phoenix. They hadn’t really heard of them and it was only after I played them a few tracks on Spotify the week before that Phoenix were even on their radar to see.

Phoenix had come to my attention due to liztomania earlier in the year, and after listening to their back catalogue I knew that I was always going to see them, especially s they followed directly on from The Courteneers.

Phoenix also drew a large crowd similar in numbers as The Courteneers.

No doubt aiming at those who knew only their latest album they blasted into List and followed it up with hit after hit.

Near the end the Lead Singer Christian Mazzalai jumped into the crowd to finish off the set to the delight of everyone there.

Phoenix were the first band on Friday to really get the crowd going and for me to exceed my expectations. A lot of people had been questioning their place on the Other Stage at this time of day but they certainly answered all those questions

Excellent Set, the party had started

4 out of 5

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