All about Glastonbury Festival


This weeks album of the week is Flaws by Bombay Bicycle Club. When I first downloaded and listened to the album, I thought iTunes had mistakenly sent me the wrong album. So sure of this I was that I actually had to look up the bicycle clubs my space page to make sure it was them.

It was then that I found out this was an acoustic album and not a new Mumford and Sons record. Initially I felt gipped. I didn’t really want an acoustic album by the club. But I have persevered and actually I love it , there are some really great tracks and it is a really lovely album.

They have played the last 2 Glasto’s and I have only seen them play a song on the Park Stage last year, but if they played again next year and bought the acoustic sound with them , I would be pretty keen to see them. I haven’t yet ventured to the acoustic tent in my travels of Glastonbury but they may well get me there if they are programmed there next year.
The album is £5.99 on iTunes at the moment again like Frank Turner last week a bargain. Go buy and enjoy.
This week I have been solely listening to the bicycle club and Frank Turner and enjoying both.

Photo is the Bombay Bicycle Club at the Park 2009


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