All about Glastonbury Festival

Queens Head

The Queens Head is my new favourite tent, in fact I might look into camping near it next year if that’s possible. Answers on a postcard please.

The Queens Head Sign

Thursday now seems to be the unofficial start of the music side of the festival and it’s at the Queens Head it kicks off. I am not sure if the capacity is 2000 or 4000, I have heard both figures bandied about , whatever it is, it is an intimate venue that has a bar in the tent and also the bourbon bar directly opposite. It absolutely kicks off when it has the right band. Two Door Cinema club were massive on Thursday and I heard Frank Turner was awesome and heaving.
There are also nearby toilets, although when a popular band is in full swing , I suggest waiting until they end before heading out as you may struggle to get back in.
I saw some interesting bands and missed some even better bands due to clashes.

Next year any good band playing on the Queens head will definitely get a favourable tick on the clashfinder and Thursdays highlight band will be going into the laminated list straight away.

Here we go Magic on the Queens Head Stage


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