All about Glastonbury Festival

Neighbours, Everybody needs good Neighbours

Never has the Australian mantra of having good neighbours been more true than at Glastonbury.

Last year I camped in the John Peel area, and had a great bunch of people around us. This year was no different.

Carlene - Neighbour

So I am glad to present our neighbours from this year, some very nice very knowledgeable Scottish folk.

Francesca - Loved Broken social scene but couldn't make it to the gig

I must say though that there was some pretty heavy drinking that went on into the early evening. Gin seemed to be the favourite tipple.

Dave - A good driver by all accounts

In fact the son seemed to enjoy staying up until he was found vomiting one morning after a session on the Gin. That maybe the last of his gin drinking ways for a while.

Stu - Thanks for the photo's

Jonny - Loved the fact you could camp near the stages.

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