All about Glastonbury Festival


Released 30 MARCH 2008

Pre glasto , I was reviewing my album of the week, however that was a bit of a stretch for my literary capabilities.

So post Glasto, I will advise my album of the week and the reasons why I bought it. Also I will be saying what else I have been listening to.
Starting this week with Frank Turner.
The reason I have gone for a 2008 album, as my first album of the week, is that Frank was all the rage at the Festival.

The Scottish Neighbours, more on them soon, raved about his performance at the Queens Head.

I was able to catch a couple of songs during one of Billy Bragg’s round ups at the left field. I enjoyed them and Frank came across as a lovely chap.

Hopefully he will be back next year so that I can finally get round to seeing him.
By the way I am loving the album.

Also the album is currently only £4.49 on iTunes. Bargain !

Frank Turner at Left field Stage at Glastonbury 2010

Also on my playlist this week are The XX and the Drums. I am loving the Drums, it’s a real grower. obviously I saw them and loved them, more on them as well.


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