All about Glastonbury Festival

Two Door Cinema Club – Queens Head – Thursday – 7pm

I previously reviewed 2 doors album Tourist history in my album of the weeks reviews, stating I was keen as anything to see them at Glasto. It was however with trepidation that I went on Thursday to see them at the Queens Head.

Stories of 50,000 odd to see Maximo Park last year, were fresh in my mind. Once the Queens opened to the public we were there. We found a nice spot and caught the 2 bands before them.

My luminaries and Howl, both were okay, but the most exciting song from both of them was a Fleetwood Mac cover. I honestly couldn’t even tell you which band played it.
So finally after 3 hours, 2 door were up.

Crowd cheer 2 door cinema club

It’s amazing how fast time goes at Glastonbury, either dancing to bands, chatting with follow glastogians or insulting clearly non pregnant women, 3 hours goes by in a second.
But back to the band, in a word they were “Glorious”.  An amazing start to the Festival, every song a sing a long that can break your heart. These lads from Bangor are meant for the big time. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were high up on the JP tent in 11.

A Glorious start to Glastonbury 2010

Needless to say after a bag of wine and a couple of Bourbons, I danced and sung my heart out and left itching to see them on the Other Stage on the Sunday.


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  1. Lesli Baters

    Awesome, topic!! I just like it.

    August 23, 2010 at 6:38 pm

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