All about Glastonbury Festival

Titan the Robot

Titan the Robot is fucking awesome. As you can see from the photo. We didn’t set out to go see Titan the Robot. It was actually Two Door Cinema Club who were on at the Queens head, we went to see.

Nicky meets Titan the Robot

We took a bag of wine with us, a pretty warm bag of wine and left the tent for the day. As there wasn’t much else on we hit the QH nice and early, we managed to also get a bourbon at the new blues and jazz stage a great new initiative which was very popular over the weekend. Also they provided us with ice for the wine as well.
That was when Titan the Robot appeared, he’s pretty cool, then the Mad Max people arrived and also wellie throwing with water aid. It was all go, then someone spotted Michael Eavis, I am pretty sure Emily was standing next to us because Ace swears ME waved to him. Then Nicky said, Titan the Robot sounded just like Prince Charles.

Mad Max meets Terminator

It wasn’t until the next day that we saw the paper and realised it was Prince Charles. A great photo op missed. I blame the bag of wine, which by that stage we had finished.
My advise after all that for next year, be at the QH for kick off, as this now seems to be the unofficial start to the festival.


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