All about Glastonbury Festival

Getting There Part 2


Then around the corner we saw it, our first glimpse of the site. It was like when you are a kid and you are going to the sea. Not long now, and it wasn’t, only about an hour, which in the scheme of things was great.

Finally we were there the car was checked and we were sent to our car park. We went past loads of empty car parks, we though we must be pretty close and finally we were parked.

Now for a short walk to the site itself and to put the tent up. In the meantime we found that England were up 1-0 everyone was happy.

The short walk with all our gear took about an hour, at one stage I  thought I would have a heart attack.

The tent was heavy, the backpack was heavy the other bags were heavy, It was fricking hot. Every corner there was another big car park. Luckily when we got there, there was no queue at the gate.

Yes we were there.

Finally there relaxing after a hard day arriving

Last year I had camped at Lower Mead and as there was no reported bad weather to come, I suggested we camp there again.

When we got there it was chockers. I just about cried.

I suggested we leave our bags and just wonder around to see if there was any free room.

Luckily there was, and we were able to pitch the tent.  I think it went up at 4pm.

So 13 hours after getting up to go we were there. Just as long as a trip from London to Hong Kong.

View from Tent


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