All about Glastonbury Festival

Getting there Part 1

Everyone has one.  A story.  A tale. Usually of horror. Now I have 2.

If you look back over the blog you will see my story, my horror story from last year. Now be prepared to hear another one.
It was decided that we needed to start early. Sons were acquired, alarms were set, last showers were had. 3am start to head out by 4.30.

First mistake, we didn’t leave the house to 5am. Admittedly This didn’t appear to be a mistake to start with.
So after all the build up, after all the talk, the planning, we were on our way.
We decided against the direct London route and went M4,M5,A309 thinking this was not much further and that it would get us nicely into the west car park. This was hopefully then a quicker walk to our preferred campsite, Lower Mead near the John Peel tent.
All went swimmingly a couple of stops at motorway servo’s and we were ready to Peel (sic) off the M5.
It was now starting to get busy. It was about 9am. Ace said that he would be angry if we didn’t have the tent up by 2.30. We laughed at his pessimism. Surely from here it would only be an hour or two. I suggested that 11am seemed more realistic, as most of last years traffic problems had been caused by a crash on a motorway meaning cars had to be diverted around Glastonbury.
It starts to get hazy around this time. I am not sure when we started counting down the kilometres. Our GPS was in km’s. I am not sure when we became great fans of carkaroke on radio Somerset.
It must have been about 1.30 though when we broke out of traffic to stop at a KFC a daring move really. How could we be sure we would get back in the queue.
2.30 was now out of the question , so watching the footie on the big screen was out of the question.
We then couldn’t get AM reception to listen to the footie. People were getting tetchy.

to be continued


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