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Album of the Week is the new one from the Magic Numbers Runaway. For some reason the release date was put back 2 months which was a pity as it meant that when they played Glasto, no one had heard the new songs. The Album is a departure from the first 2 in that their jangly pop melodies are replaced by a more psychedelic sound. It certainly takes a few listens to get used to, but after that starts to seep into your sub conscience. I think like the second it will take a while to hit home. I love the Magic Numbers but I am not sure this is their best album. Maybe it can be put down to difficult third album experience. Be here now anyone?



My experiences with toilets seem to get better on the whole. Way back in 94, I can’t even remember taking a shit. This could be selective memory, but I do have history, when I went to the Okavango delta I definitely went 3 days without a toilet break.

In 95 I saved it up and had one at a pub on the Saturday where I went to watch the rugby world cup final. Last year I managed a couple in relatively clean bogs.
This year the toilets were a bit hit and miss, there seemed to be cleaning crews continually cleaning them, so as long as you went in just after they finished they were pretty much spotless. However it didn’t take long to mess them up. Especially the normal portaloos which were impossible to flush.
Anyway I think that’s enough toilet talk for this year.

Florence and the Machine – Other Stage – Friday – 7.20pm

Finally, I was to see Florence, it must be said there was immense pressure on her to deliver as Mumford & Sons were playing the John Peel tent at the same time.
Pretty poor scheduling as these were the 2 biggest new acts of the past 2 years.
We had basically been positioned at the Other Stage all day and the mornings slight hangover had ben replaced with an early evening drunk glow.

We were ready to go and so were 50,000 odd revellers. This was and still is the biggest crowd , I have seen at the Other Stage.
People were fair ripped to be here and she didn’t disappoint.
Who’s got the love, Dog Days, Rabbit Heart etc what a bunch of great songs. She also ripped off a great Fleetwood Mac cover. She owned that stage she bounced around like a Maniac.

At one stage she took out her own Mic and sang a song that no one could hear.

The only downside to an otherwise exceptional performance.
Florence has the world at her feet, all she needs to do now is to not go down the Mgmt crap sleeper 2nd album road.
A near enough perfect way to spend Friday evening.

5 out of 5

Police and Security at Glastonbury

Last year I went to the V Festival in Sydney. The music was awesome but that’s not what I want to talk about. As you entered the festival and this applies to any large Aussie music festival there were 300 police standing on the other side of the entrance, waiting to body-search everyone.

Usually old buggers like me get through pretty easily but that’s not the case for all. In January a young girl died at Big Day out in Perth from taking E because she took them all before she entered the arena. It just happened that it was a 40• day.
Look I don’t want to get down on the Police and their  policies, it’s a fine line between crowd control and crowd disorder.
My point is that Glastonbury organizers and the Police have come to an exceptional balance for policing the sit and seem to have it right.
Crime used to be rife back in the 90’s when Glasto started getting 100,000 plus crowds. Now it’s pretty sparse, as long as your sensible.
Also you are pretty much able to do as you wish once on site, I hardly saw a cop and the ones I did seemed to be having as good a time as everyone else.
So I saw well done to the Police, the Organizers and the 180,000 people who go for a trouble-free time.
Nice one.

La Roux – Other Stage – Friday – 5.50pm

La Roux was one of the most discussed artists of the pre festival for us. The main question was would we go see her. Her performance at the Isle of Wight had been roundly condemned, for been way to screechy and just not that good.

In the end we decided to stay after Phoenix and enjoy a long run of bands on the Other Stage starting with the Courteneers and culminating with Florence. I for one am glad we did.

As is the case with most bands she played her hits and sprinkled it with covers. After running through a big speech about never playing covers she covered the Rolling Stones Under my Thumb, she then proceeded to introduce the lead singer of Heaven 17 and cover Temptation.

She dedicated the gig to her parents who were in the crowd and whose first festival it was. It was pretty emotional for her and well for us as well and it was an excellent performance

La Roux had certainly overcome our fears and produced a mini triumph.

4 out of 5


Released 28 Feb 2010

This week album of the week, is Blood Red Shoes. if you haven’t heard of them they are a minimalist band along the lines of the White Stripes. With a boy drummer and a girl guitarist. They hail from Brighton and have been around for years although they look as if they are in their teens.

This is their second album released in Feb this year. They sound like early 90’s indie before Oasis arrived on the scene, think Elastica meets Smashing Pumpkins.
Although the album is good it’s not amazing. Live they rock . Well worth checking out of they aren’t yet on your radar.

Also on the turntable are Bombay Bicycle Clubs Flaws which is a grower, but weird, as  I don’t really associate them with that type of music.

Also still listening to Frank Turner and a dash of Florence and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

The 2010 Barclaycard Mercury Prize shortlist is:

The Mercury nominations have been advised and it makes interesting reading from a Glastonbury perspective.

At least 8 of the nominations played at Glastonbury. Biffy Clyro played the Park as a surprise guest on the Saturday.
Although not my cup of tea, one of our neighbours Francesca had seen them about 4000 times in fact she was more or less a stalker as far as I could tell.

Mumford & Sons have been the big hit of the year and win at this would take them into the huge category and possibly a place on the Other Stage Next year.

Supposedly it is Paul Weller’s first ever nomination amazing for a man who last year won NME’s award for God like Genius.

My favourite album of the bunch is by the XX another who played Glasto.

Investment wise I think I will go out and buy the Foals and the Villagers as both bands have passed me by at the moment.

The 2010 Barclaycard Mercury Prize shortlist is:

Biffy Clyro – ‘Only Revolutions’
Corinne Bailey Rae – ‘The Sea’
Dizzee Rascal – ‘Tongue N’ Cheek’
Kit Downes Trio – ‘Golden’
Foals – ‘Total Life Forever’
I Am Kloot – ‘Sky At Night’
Laura Marling – ‘I Speak Because I Can’
Mumford And Sons – ‘Sigh No More’
Paul Weller – ‘Wake Up The Nation’
Villagers – ‘Becoming A Jackal’
Wild Beasts – ‘Two Dancers’
The XX – ‘XX’

Food Review – Lower Mead Campsite

We camped at lower mead and we eat at lower mead. Here is a review of some of the food establishments there.

Bangor Bros Exceptional Sausages

These are fucking exceptional , believe the hype I must have eat about 10 of them, I had breakfast there, lunch there, dinner there and midnight sies there. I love eating sausages at midnight. they are better at the start of the week and some of the staff can be rather hungover at times. Mind you that’s pretty normal I think. The onions are to die for.

Fat Harry’s Frankfurters

Okay, pretty messy and not a patch on the exceptional sausages. Had run out of a lot of the sauces when i got mine.

Ben and Jerry’s

I had n ice cream for breakfast one morning and it was great and they had ice cold water which was even better. Can’t go past Ben and Jerry’s.


Actually not bad but sometimes they must make to many donuts and you can get some old ones.

Eat at the double

Had tables so quite good to eat at and chill out. Also the upstairs of the bus has pretty good views. ( I imagine I didn’t go up. The bacon  bap I had here was shite though. The son raved over the version with egg. It seems a lot of places don’t do eggs.

Glastonbury 2011 Early Predictions in July

Hey there is only 338 days to go. So I wanted to put out some early predictions of who will play next year.

I think Mumford &  Sons might play the Other Stage and it will be massive. So far talk is about Kylie, Coldplay, Eminen headlining, fine by me I won’t be hurrying to see any of those on the Pyramid Stage.

Slash played this year don’t be surprised if Axel Roses new version Guns and Roses turn up next year. More likely could be Pink Floyd Roger Waters is touring the Wall and Dave Gilmour has hinted he may play so could a full reunion happen next year at Glasto.

The Chemical Brothers are touring next year so could be on the cards and don’t forget Pulp, Jarvis has already said that they have had offers, although who from was not specified.

One from leftfield would be Take that, the crowd at Glastonbury gets younger every year and there are a lot of people that love them especially with Robbie Williams rejoining them.

Florence might make it back for 4 or is it 5 in a row. She is planning a second album so there is a good possibility she may hit the Pyramid Stage next year.

Of course there will be plenty of U2 rumours and there is still a chance as they have a break in their US tour between the 18th and the 26th of June, however that would mean them bringing their tour to Glastonbury from the US and then taking it back again. So it is pretty unlikely.

Always a good indicator towards who will play is the Aussie downunder tour of Big Day Out. Muse, Groove Armada, Temper trap and Dizzie Rascal all went on from BDO to Glasto last year.

I am hoping for amongst others, Frank Turner, Bombay Bicycle Club and Stornoway who I missed this year.

Plenty to think about there

Phoenix – Other Stage – Friday – 4.30pm

Although it was still mega hot, I persuaded the Courteneers fans to stay on with me to see Phoenix. They hadn’t really heard of them and it was only after I played them a few tracks on Spotify the week before that Phoenix were even on their radar to see.

Phoenix had come to my attention due to liztomania earlier in the year, and after listening to their back catalogue I knew that I was always going to see them, especially s they followed directly on from The Courteneers.

Phoenix also drew a large crowd similar in numbers as The Courteneers.

No doubt aiming at those who knew only their latest album they blasted into List and followed it up with hit after hit.

Near the end the Lead Singer Christian Mazzalai jumped into the crowd to finish off the set to the delight of everyone there.

Phoenix were the first band on Friday to really get the crowd going and for me to exceed my expectations. A lot of people had been questioning their place on the Other Stage at this time of day but they certainly answered all those questions

Excellent Set, the party had started

4 out of 5