All about Glastonbury Festival

Live blogging

Well I am on my way to Glastonbury. I am having a very over priced Stella in the Bambini Wine room at Sydney Airport watching Mexico beat France.
Sydney Airport has had an amazing upgrade, it has gone from the worst International Airport to a top tenner however I seem to be paying for the upgrade myself with the purcahse of 1 beer.
Yesterday I printed out the Clashfinder, laminated it, only to find this morning that it has now got the official times.
Oh well will give me something to study on the flight.
Gonna miss Englands match, unless I get stuck in Hong Kong, can’t wait to see the games played at a respectable hour though from Saturday.
Hopefully will be able to post a few blogs from my iPhone before Glasto starts.
Photo is of the Police at the Bar hopefully questioning them about their prices. By the way any guesses how much my pint was.

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