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Update – World cup and other Stuff


Oops, England had it in the bag and let it slip so to speak. I hope the goalie gets another go for redemption as he will be persecuted back in blightly. I assume he already has been.

England had enough chances to win and should win their next 2 matches to easily qualify for the 2nd Round, although now it could be either as first or second. We will need to watch the USA to see how they do.

Australia play Germany tonight, well 4.30 am here, Darling Harbour in Sydney will be packed for the game, it is the Queens birthday holiday here tomorrow so everyone can get up and watch it and go back to bed, except those in Western Australia, who must have a different Queen as they celebrate it on another day.

After a week of rain here the past week has been beautiful I have been out and about using my new camera and at work we decorated our pods in a team from the World Cup my pod got New Zealand.

The featured photo is of an Italian and an Aussie getting into the world cup swing of things.

Of course Glastonbury is soon but it has moved into second place whilst the world cup starts up. I Fly out on Friday all going to plan landing Saturday.


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