All about Glastonbury Festival



Is there any originality left in music. Is there anything that can be considered original anymore. Certainly nothing I have listened to lately jumps out at me and says, hey I have never heard anything like this before.

Another  question is should it. Rock and roll as we know it has been around for 60 odd years now so most variations on the 4 chord theme have been tried truly tested and done by now.

This leads me on to The Drums. From Brooklyn in New York and looking like school boys one of the many observations I have read about them is that they are not very original. However I take you back to my original question, does it really matter. I believe not, Rock and roll is about the moment about the feeling and it is those 2 criteria that should be applied when assessing most music rather than whether it is original or not.

The Drums are not original nearly every second of their album can be likened to another band so I will dispense with that straight away.

So are the in the moment, do they offer a listening treat that will keep you returning back to the music they make. Unfortunately I don’t think they do. The record sounds like it was recorded in a school hall and without spending to much time gooogling The Drums I guess this is the sound they are after.

I must say thought that its not for me, the overall production lets them down but saying that the whole album is more than the sum of the parts if that makes sense. No song stands out but it can be enjoyed as a whole sitting.

I wanted to love this record because the way things are falling I will be seeing The Drums at Glastonbury maybe live they can overcome the faults in the record and breathe life into the songs. I hope so.


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