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The BBC sound of 2009


Yesterday I looked at the sound of 2010 and what is happening at Glastonbury, Today I am looking at the class of 2009 and how they have done and what Glastonbury has meant to them.

The winner of 2009 was little boots, who I managed to catch at last years Glastonbury, she seems to have been left behind by most of the women who have come out of that scene and it will be interesting to see if she can catch up or playing little tunes on her keyboard and posting them on you tube is as good as it gets.

White Lies were number 2 and I manged to catch up with them twice last year, at Glastonbury and back here in Sydney, the album was a screamer and they have enough rock posturing to last a little while longer.

Florence was No 3 and man has she gone global, she played last year and she is back this year, I have yet to see her but have got tickets to see her in a nice small venue in Sydney after Glasto. Florence has already mentioned a new album on the way, she could be the real thing.

Australia’s Empire of the Sun were 4th, and again a band that seem to be on the way out supposedly the band members have not talked since February, however they do headline the Park on Sunday night.

The third of the 3 women of 2009 rounds out the top 5 La Roux she also does the double playing last year and again playing this year, I actually love the Album and it looks like I will be able to catch her before Florence on Friday at the Other Stage.

VV Brown in the Dance tent Glasto 2009

The other 5 on the list of 2009 where Lady Ga Ga, VV Brown who I managed to catch in the Dance tent last year, Kid Cudi, sorry still haven’t heard of him , Passion Pit who were supposed to be 2009’s Mgmt, who I hated at Glastonbury last year and Dan Black who also played at glasto last year.


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