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The BBC Sound of 2010


I keep hearing about the BBC sound of 2010 so I wanted to see who was on it. Basically it starts with a longlist that gets down to a top 15.

Ellie Goulding was top of the list and we all know her music now, her album was huge and she is 3rd top of the Bill on the John Peel Stage on Friday night.

No 2 was Marina and the Diamonds and of course she has a big profile already and is also 3rd top on the John Peel this time on  Saturday night.

No 3 is Delphic and I love their album it is a great indie dance album and I think they will be worth seeing, they play before Marina on the Saturday night at the John Peel.

No 4 Hurts don’t appear to be playing at Glasto but the No 5 The Drums certainly are and they also play the John Peel tent so rounding out the top 5.  The Drums debut is out this week, so will be a near must purchase for a lot of people to see if they will be worth seeing.

So that’s the top 5 but there is a top 15 and there a few bands playing that are part of this list as well. This includes Two Door Cinema Club and Stornoway who have both been reviewed on this blog as part of Album of the Week.

Two others I know are playing are Everything Everything and Joy Orbison. Joy is DJ’ing  Thursday night and maybe worth catching the BBC describe his sound as a lovingly-crafted late-night evolution of house and UK garage, with soft bass, hypnotic home-made percussion and distant chopped-up vocals.

For the rest I had to do a search to see if they were there and rapper  Giggs is playing the Dance East tent on Saturday.

So that’s a good 9 of the 15 sounds of 2010 that you can catch at Glastonbury.


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