All about Glastonbury Festival

Review – Pete Doherty – 2009


Pete Doherty, I admit it I am a big fan of Petes, well musically at least, he has been involved. With 2 great bands that have produced 4 great albums and he has also produced a pretty good solo attempt.

I wonder what  he could have done if he hadn’t been a junkie. Everyone says that the hard stuff helps artistically but really who has ever put out a great record on Hard hard drugs. Most bands best output is their first album where they aren’t rich or famous enough to be lazy or dopeheads. Anway I digress.

I was really looking forward to Petes day time performance on the other stage last year as it was my first time of seeing him. Also I had heard good things about his solo gigs, when he could be arsed to get to them.

I planned my afternoon around his performance which meant catching The Script, who were enthusiastic and I think incredibly surprised to be playing Glastonbury. It also meant seeing Metric whose lead singer bounced around on stage and also gave a heartwarming performance, but it was Pete I was here to see.

Folks I wasn’t disappointed, he was I think sober, and enjoying himself, the crowd were obviously fans and it felt like a proper Glasto moment rather than a couple of pop bands who didn’t really know what to make of it all. Pete chatted with the crowd and pulled off a blinder.

I wish that the Libertines were playing this year, it is one of my few festregrets this year that they are playing Reading not Glasto.


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